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About Us

Each wine has its own personality, our mission is to accompany it by providing it with the best conditions so that it can fully express its character.

This vision permeates each of our choices and actions. 

Our work is focused on the best possible management of the vines, manual harvesting, natural vinification using native yeasts and without input, with gentle extractions and minimal filtration, in order to obtain cuvées that are both digestible and complex, faithful to this unique land.

The duo: Judith and Philippe 

Son of a Corsican winegrower,Philip reconnects with the earth, its curves and volumes, after having observed it for 40 years in the air, under all its most beautiful contours, during his career as a plane pilot.

From now on it is with his tractor that he has fun, and on dry land.


Judith was built around this perpetual duo of beauty and goodness: after studying opera, she branched off into the culinary arts and began a career as a chef, 

from bistronomy to gastronomy for 25 years. 

In 2020, she takes a new professional turn

by training in wine trades. 

His enthusiasm for each new adventure quite naturally involves his artist friends, asked to dress the bottles, giving this unique touch to the cuvées of Chai Julip, which combine Art and Flavors, Beautiful and Good.

At Chai Julip,

it's the vine 

which marks

the beat

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