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1st evening in June at CHAI JULIP

Friday, June 2

At 7 p.m.: Rhapsode, the Oenodyssey< /strong>

Rhapsode* is an itinerant performance by bike connecting winegrowers, wine merchants, booksellers, associative places…all having in common to work with the greatest respect for the living.

Each evening, accompanied by his instrument - the metaphorminx (vine equipped with an electronic and computer device) - the poet and transmedia author Donatien Garnier will make the link between the ancient and contemporary worlds, the myth of Orpheus and the work in the vineyard, poetry and tasting. He will play the potential score created for him and for his text by the composer Gyorgy Kürtag Jr.

*In ancient Greece the rhapsodist is the nomadic poet. The word comes from the verb to sew. Sewing spaces, encounters, the human and the non-human...that's the project!

More details in PJ...

At 8 p.m.: tasting of the estate's wines ( there are some new ones!) + some nibbles…

Free Party

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