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2nd evening in June at CHAI JULIP

Friday, June 9

At 7 p.m. : Concert by FAZAJ (end of residency concert)

These 5 musicians from different backgrounds - Amaury is Luxembourgish, Zawadi is Swiss - met in the parisian Jams Session's- which brew the fine flower of young improvising musicians* (Jazz Groove Fusion). They will come in residence for a week in St Geniès, at the estate, to carry out research and create their repertoire. This concert is therefore their first as a group!
Free concert

*improvisation: action of composing and performing simultaneously - in all fields - in music of which jazz is the incarnation of course, but also in comedy (Edouard Baer's tirade in "Astérix, mission Cléopatre") ....or in our wines where we sometimes improvise actions that will give rise to particular cuvées... That's the art of the moment

At 8 p.m. : tasting of the estate's wines (with always the new ones), possibility of dinner with a grilled sausage and a glass of wine (5€)

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