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And here is Corto, the white of black....

...for it was an adventure ...A pure Cinsault

It's a "blanc de noir" - that is, a white wine made from black grapes - the whole point being that the (black) skins don't color the (white) juice during pressing - some grape varieties lend themselves better than others to this avoidance!

The result is a very pale, dry white, very aromatic on red fruit (redcurrant, raspberry) and yellow fruit (pineapple, plum), baked apple, honey and camphor...

This is the other side of Ariel - same grape variety and same plots, also 100% cinsault - which is vinified as a red wine!

Many thanks to OLIVIER LEROI, contemporary artist, for lending his "sheep's suit" to dress CORTO.

Don't be fooled by appearances....

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