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BETTY 2022 - Vin de France

BETTY 2022 - Vin de France


Pure black grenache juice.

Aromas of fruit and especially flowers - violet, jasmine, cherry pits - smoothness and powdery tannins.

Long aromatic persistence.

No added sulphite

  • Shipping Policy

    Shipping Policy

    Please call before ordering !

    Delivery is a real question  - especially for another country - and we have to discuss it to know the most interesting way according to the place of destination

    Orders shipped by carrier are made in boxes of 6 secure bottles (so, a minimum order of 6 bottles, then multiples of 6).

    Mixing possible, of course.

    Order in multiples of 6 bottles exclusively

    • There is no minimum order for local deliveries or withdrawals at the cellar.
  • More details

    Work :Lucien Little

    Labels created by visual artists imagined while drinking this wine...

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